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Motorsport Supervisor computer game revealed for September 2016

A major motorsport management simulation video game based upon the world of Formula 1 will be launched later on in 2012. Pc gaming huge SEGA's European arm has backed the expansion of popular mobile application Motorsport Manager into a fully-fledged computer game.


The title, developed by independent British developer Playsport Games, will be released on PC, Mac and Linux in September 2016. As it is an unlicensed product the game will not feature teams, drivers or circuits from the Formula 1 world championship.


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Music Month flashback: Computer Games by Mi-Sex

A last-minute addition to their 1979 album Graffiti Crimes, Computer Games was a big hit for the band, reaching primary in Australia, two in Canada and five in New Zealand. Computers and game video games were a real novelty in 1979 and Mi-Sex's synch-driven noises were a best match.


The video starts with the band burglarizing the Sydney data centre for the super-computer huge Control Data. Printers gush out paper, and as the band carries out, traditional graphics, consisting of a driving video game and TIE fighters, are projected behind them I Want Cheats.


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Want to develop better computer games? Call an architect

If I said I was a licensed architect assisting to combat dementia, you d most likely assume I was developing a care home or some similar building. In fact, I've been working together with neuroscientists, psychologists, doctors and developers to produce a computer game that could cause better diagnoses for the condition.

Among the first indications of dementia is a decrease in navigational ability however, previously, it's been extremely hard to find such signs. The SeaHeroQuest online game includes a series of virtual levels for individuals to explore: an icy, arctic world; a sandy, pirate-inspired island chain; and a scary, swamp-like world.


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